Our address


Legal and postal address of UltraMol LLC: Russia, 305018, Kursk, ul. Chernyakhovsky, 18A, of. 275

Production address of UltraMol LLC: Russia, 305000, Kursk, ul. 2nd Rabochaya, 23B, room 27

Phone (multichannel): +7 (4712) 74-70-72

E-mail: info@ultramol.ru

Сompany details


INN Taxpayer Identification Number: 4632171600

KPP Tax Registration Reason Code : 463201001

 OGRN Primary State Registration Number: 1124632015584

OKPO All-Russian Classifier of Enterprises and Organizations: 11068538

Acc.: 40702810017510007339

Corr. acc.: 30101810545250000855

Bank: Branch No. 3652 of VTB (PJSC), Voronezh

BIC Bank Identifier Code: 042007855

Company card