General information

The multichannel jet-vortex mill MKM-400 is designed to produce ultrathin powders of metals and minerals, such as: metals and alloys based on Cu, Al, Ti, W, Fe, minerals: graphite, basalt, talc, quartz. Themilling of the product to sizes from 1 to 60 microns occurs when a shock-vortex effect on the material is applied.

Areas of use:
Powder metallurgy;
Chemical and medical industry;
Creation of new composite materials.

Main technical characteristics

Parameter nameValue
Productivity, kg / h5-35*
Rated power consumption, kW / h11-35
Overall dimensions (LxWxH), mm1200x920x2100
Size of incoming particles no more, mm1

* – characteristics may vary depending on the required grinding fineness and physical and mechanical properties of the material being milled.

The main competitive advantages of our mill:

    Getting active (low oxygen) metal

    Getting ultrafine powder by dry method

    Joint milling and mechanical alloying

    Granulometric composition for soft materials of almost spherical shape

    Work in an inert atmosphere in a closed and quasi-closed loop

    The degree of grinding up to 10 units