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Creation of innovative and efficient equipment for the production of fine and ultrafine powders of rubbers, minerals, metals. Full recycling of industrial rubber waste (silicone, fluoride, tire). Production of UltraDor asphalt concrete modifier and active rubber powder with a highly developed surface.

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The company possesses technologies for fine and ultrafine grinding of various materials. The basis is a patented technology for grinding waste of various types of rubbers. The processing technology is based on unique developments - a cryogenic-free mechanical method of grinding using the principles of cutting and high-frequency collisions of the resulting particles in a rarefied atmosphere at normal temperatures. The result is the production of an active powder, the particles of which have a highly developed structure and, therefore, a high specific surface area. This material is an innovative proposal in the secondary raw materials market.

Technologies for obtaining powders of minerals and metals have also been developed and applied.

The technology of production of asphalt concrete modifier, obtained on the basis of active discrete-devulcanized rubber (ADDR) powder, has been mastered. The modifier is used to improve the performance of the road surface, as well as to reduce the cost of road works.

Solving problems step by step

Acquisition of the UltraDor modifier

Obtaining TA

Calculation of the required amount of modifier

Selection of recipes

Approval of the asphalt concrete mix formulation

Modifier supply

Shipment of the required amount of modifier for the needs of the Customer

Manufacturing of equipment for grinding materials

Obtaining TA

Receiving a technical assignment from a client


Test grinding to confirm optimum material characteristics


Design of additional equipment units required to solve the problem


Manufacturing of equipment, taking into account the received data, period of 3-4 months

Commissioning works

Equipment setup by UltraMol specialists at the client

Getting a ready-made solution

Successful use

Grinding of materials on the basis of the company

Obtaining TA

Receiving a technical assignment from a client

Test grinding

Test grinding to confirm optimum material characteristics


Shredding of the entire batch of customer material

  • Extensive experience in grinding materials and creating composites.
  • Extensive base of crushed materials: polymers, minerals, metals.
  • Technologies for reducing production costs without losing quality.
  • Technologies designed to save energy, raw materials and other resources.
  • Continuous improvement of equipment, processes.
  • Continuous improvement of the quality of products and services provided.
  • Generation of ideas for creating new types of products.
  • Maximum focus on meeting the needs of the Client and building long-term business relationships.


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